About Us

The Hamptons Honey Company:
the planet's local honey

Established in 2002, The Hamptons Honey Company began by providing residents and visitors of the Hamptons with a taste of the best raw honey from Long Island. Bottled directly at its source without being filtered or pasteurized, we highlighted only pure, distinctive honeys from the region. As demand for our brand grew, so did our production and network of local, like-minded beekeepers.

Today our goal is simple: to be the planet's leading provider of raw and local honey varietals. By working directly with other small-scale beekeepers and family owned apiaries around the world, The Hamptons Honey Company's goal is to offer local, artisanal honey wherever our label is found.

Sourcing the highest quality local honey everywhere on the planet is no easy task, but one that's important to us for a few reasons. Raw and local honey is:

  • Better tasting. Since Hamptons Honey isn't pasteurized or processed our honey retains all of its natural flavors and tastes. Like regional coffees, olive oils, or teas; its color, aroma, texture and taste are as unique as its region and floral source.
  • Better for you. Our honey retains many of the nutritional benefits of the regional vegetation and is known to reduce symptoms of allergies and local colds.
  • Better for the planet. Since our honey is bottled locally wherever the Hamptons Honey label is found, we're reducing the amount of energy required to bring honey to the kitchen and table.

    Additionlly, each of our beekeeping partners is committed to protecting the well-being of the honey bee through chemical-free and humane practices. In a time when many bees have succumbed to disease, chemicals, habitat loss and short-sighted beekeeping methods, we're doing our part by supporting other ethical beekeepers around the globe.

The Hamptons Honey Company is your source for unprocessed, local and raw honey'just as the bees intended.